Our communities, the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross and the Sisters of the Holy Cross, ask for your prayers and donations for the future home of the Work of the Holy Angels in Carrollton, Ohio

St. Gabriel Update and News from the Monastery


By early June 2020 the construction of St. Gabriel's Monastery has progressed to the end of Phase One – that is to say, the basic shell of the monastery has been completed. This means that the foundations, the floor slab, the walls, the roof with its shingles and the windows have been completed. We are very happy with this state of affairs – it looks impressive on the outside or from the air! Inside, however, it looks like a forest of two-by-fours, for only the raw framing of the many rooms has taken place. Most of the interior work still lies ahead of us: electricity, plugs and lighting, heating, plumbing, water, fire-security, etc.

chapelIt's too early to predict an occupancy date for us priests and brothers in the new monastery, but the birds are already nesting in the rafters and eves! It's really quite biblical! "How lovely your dwelling, O LORD of hosts! …. As the sparrow finds a home and the swallow a nest to settle her young, My home is by your altars, LORD of hosts, my king and my God! Happy are those who dwell in your house!" (Ps 84:1-5). The reference, of course, is to the birds nesting in the eaves of the temple in Jerusalem; the Jewish pilgrims, arriving at Jerusalem only for a short visit, would see them and 'envy' the birds' permanent dwelling so close to God!

chapelSpeaking of the 'temple', our main chapel, we are waiting for the first sketches for the interior decoration of the chapel, whose main image, of course will be the Annunciation! What other motif could we have for the chapel at St. Gabriel's Monastery?! May God also sketch the perfect receptivity Mary to God's holy and salvific will upon our souls too!

Br. Wolfgang – during his recent home vacation in southern Germany this past July – visited the Grassmayr Bell Foundry near Innsbruck, Austria where we are ordering four bells for the bell tower. The largest will bear the name "TRINITY", with the legend, "I believe in God the Father, His only-begotten Son and the Holy Spirit". The second bell will be called, "ANNUNCIATION" with the legend: "Behold the Handmaid of the Lord! … And the Word was made flesh!" The Third bell will be dedicated to ST. GABRIEL pronouncing his magnificent "Ave Maria, gratia plena." He is also the titular patron of the Monastery. The fourth bell will be dedicated to St. JOSEPH, our great provider, protector and defender.

Church bells are not merely an ornament or a nice-sounding instrument; they are a powerful sacramental. When a new church bell is installed it is traditionally "dedicated" through a blessing from the Roman Ritual. Here a few excerpts from the Church's prayer which expresses the spiritual power the bells possess after the dedication:

God, who decreed through blessed Moses, your servant and lawgiver, that silver trumpets should be made and be sounded at the time of sacrifice, in order to remind the people by their clear tones to prepare for Your worship and to assemble for its celebration. … Let the people's faith and piety wax stronger whenever they hear its melodious peals. At its sound let all evil spirits be driven afar; let thunder and lightning, hail and storm be banished; let the power of your hand put down the evil powers of the air, causing them to tremble at the sound of this bell, and to flee at the sight of the holy cross engraved thereon. … when the peal of this bell resounds in the clouds may a legion of angels stand watch over the assembly of your Church, the first-fruits of the faithful, and afford your ever-abiding protection to them in body and spirit. …

The bell tower is half built, but cannot be completed without the bells! If you are interested to sponsor a bell, please contact Fr. Wolfgang.

Check our Facebook page for more pictures: "St. Gabriel Building Project".

St. Gabriel Building Project

In central Ohio, at the heart of America, the Order and Sisters of the Holy Cross are building a house of Adoration and prayer for priests. It will be the home base for both communities, where they pray and intercede for the Church and run the Opus Angelorum apostolate. From here they will also go out to serve in missions, retreats and family apostolate.

The project includes the National Opus Angelorum Center, a center of spiritual instruction, Adoration and prayer for priests for all who wish to come.


Although the Order and the Sisters of the Holy Cross have had a presence in the States since 1979 through Opus Angelorum missions and retreats, community life for the priests was first established at a parish in Detroit in 1995. A group of the Sisters came over to help the priests with the growing apostolate in 1999. The Order purchased a property in the diocese of Steubenville, and moved to temporary housing in 2015.

The Building Project

The St. Gabriel Building Project consists of 4 phases.

Phase 1 (already complete thanks to your generous help!) was the renovation of the future guest house and the addition of a small chapel. The Priests and Brothers currently live here until the monastery can be built.

Phase 2 (already complete thanks to your generous help! entails the Sisters' convent, with space for 12 Sisters and 2 guests, and all the necessary rooms for community life.

Phase 3 consists in the Monastery for the Priests and Brothers.

In phase 4 we plan to build a larger chapel along with the National Opus Angelorum Center.

Would you like to be a part of this project for the good of the Church and her priests? With the help of the holy Angels, together we can transform and renew our culture and society from within, beginning with each individual heart. More than ever, the Church and the world today need the Angels!

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