Send your Guardian Angel to Mass!

Dear Friends and Members of Opus Angelorum,

Peace in Christ! One of our main ministries is to offer silent retreats around the country which have borne tremendous graces over the years. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic we will probably have to cancel most retreats this year, but will decide and notify you on an individual basis. More than ever do we need to turn to God, to our heavenly Mother and to the holy angels with our whole hearts and beg humbly for grace and protection! Many people have already died, many more will still die, and often alone without their loved ones, and most sadly without a priest and the sacraments. God calls all of us, you and me, to converted deeper conversion to Him, to become more Christ-like and, in union with Him, to implore from the Father that no one may die without God's grace and that the world may heed the call to conversion.

The good news is: due to modern technology we can reach you at home while we are preaching from St. Gabriel Monastery.

Daily Mass times at our Monastery:

7:10 am (EST) Mass of the Priests and Brothers

7:30 am begins the Mass of the Sisters.

On Sundays Masses begin at 7:30 am.

We are inviting your angels!

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster (UK), addressing recently the faithful of his diocese recommend this same pious exercise, "I was given this prayer a few days ago. It touched me deeply. It is a prayer for our times." The Cardinal recommended the following prayer.

Dear Guardian Angel, go for me to the church; there kneel down at Mass for me. At the Offertory, take me to God, and offer Him my service: What I am, what I have, offer as my gift. At the Consecration, with your seraphic strength, adore my Savior truly present, praying for those who have loved me, for those who have offended me, and for those now deceased, that the blood of Jesus may purify them all. During Holy Communion, bring to me the Body and Blood of Jesus uniting Him with me in spirit, so that my heart may become His dwelling place. Plead with Him, that through His sacrifice all people throughout the world may be saved. When the Mass ends, bring home to me and to every home, the Lord's blessing. Amen.

Here is a more poetic version of the same prayer:

Prayer to your Guardian Angel when you cannot attend Holy Mass

O HOLY ANGEL at my side,
Go to Church for me,
Kneel in my place, at Holy Mass,
Where I desire to be.

At Offertory, in my stead,
Take all I am and own,
And place it as a sacrifice
Upon the Altar Throne.

At Holy Consecration's bell,
Adore with Seraph's love,
My Jesus hidden in the Host,
Come down from Heaven above.

Then pray for those I dearly love,
And those who cause me grief,
That Jesus' Blood may cleanse all hearts,
And suff'ring souls relieve.

And when the priest Communion takes,
Oh, bring my Lord to me,
That His sweet Heart may rest on mine,
And I His temple be.

Pray that this Sacrifice Divine,
May mankind's sins efface;
Then bring me Jesus' blessing home,
The pledge of every grace. Amen

Make Spiritual Communions!

Another highly recommended spiritual exercise in this time when most of you are deprived of sacramental Communion, is to make spiritual Communions, which bears many graces. The Cure of Ars, St. John Vianney, writes, "When we cannot come to church, let us turn towards the tabernacle: a wall cannot separate us from the good God… A soul on fire with love supplies for this by the desire to receive Him every moment" (St. John Vianney, Little Catechism of the Cure of Ars, TAN 1987, p. 49).

St. Catherine of Siena was shown in a vision how precious one spiritual communion can be. In the vision, the Lord held up two chalices and said, "In this golden chalice I put your sacramental Communions. In the silver chalice I put your spiritual communions. Both chalices are quite pleasing to Me." As soon as a soul desires to receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus comes to satisfy this desire by the way of spiritual communion, "for He satisfies him who is thirsty, and the hungry He fills with good things" (Ps 107:9).

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, spiritual communion consists in an ardent desire to receive Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament (cf. Summa Theologica. III, q. 80, 1 ad 3). The advantages of this mode of communion are very great. To practice it, we do not need to be in church. Further, we can desire spiritual communion with Jesus as often as grace urges us. At the same time let us storm heaven for the grace that our churches may soon be open again and allow all the faithful to receive Jesus sacramentally in Holy Communion.

Prayer to Make a Spiritual Communion according to St. Alphonsus de Liguori

My Jesus, I believe that You are truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to possess You within my soul. Since I am unable now to receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as being already there, and unite myself wholly to You; never permit me to be separated from You.

Your Brothers and the Sisters of the Holy Cross in OA

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