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Promise to the Guardian Angel

Holy, holy, holy, Lord GOD of Hosts, heaven and earth are full of Your glory. Kneeling before Your majesty, I thank You, O GOD, that You have given me a heavenly companion to be at my side, who leads me according to Your will, directs me to Your glory and reveals to me Your love.

I promise here in Your presence to love my holy companion like a brother and to listen to him when he speaks to me through the voice of conscience. May he lead me safely to heaven!

Lord JESUS CHRIST, our Savior, take my hand and place it in the hand of my Angel and make the sign of Redemption over it, as Your blessing, for my salvation. In the name of the FATHER and of the SON and of the HOLY SPIRIT. Amen.

(Original German text approved by the Delegate of the Holy See on Oct. 24, 2017

More Prayers

O God, who in a wonderful manner dispose the ministries of angels and men, mercifully grant that as Your holy angels ever wait upon You to do Your service in heaven, so our lives may be defended by them upon earth. Through Christ our Lord. Amen. (Roman Missal)

August Queen of heaven, sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and power to crush the serpent's head, we beseech you to send your holy angels, that under you command and by your power they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks, and drive them into the abyss of woe. Most holy Mother, send your angels to defend us and drive the cruel enemy from us. All you holy angels and archangels, help and defend us. Amen. (Fr. Luis Edward Cestac)

Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love entrusts me here, ever this day be at my side to light and guard, to rule and guide. Take my hand, I promise to follow docilely your guidance so that I may arrive at eternal happiness. Amen. (Indulg. 8)

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and you, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who roam about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. (Pope Leo XIII)

Almighty God, moved by love and by the desire of praising You throughout this day, I devote, dedicate, and consecrate to You all the movements of my heart. I want You to look upon all of them as so many repetitions of the words: Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of hosts. I want these movements to say this, so that Your Divine Majesty may hear in them the same celestial song that the seraphim sing. Amen. (St. Gertrud's Praise throughout the day)

Holy, holy, holy Lord God of hosts. Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. (Roman Missal)

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